Video call platform for sales & support

Increase the customer satisfaction and reduce claim processing costs.

Who benefits?


Rebuild a relationship of trust with your customers


Reduce churn and claim processing costs

After Sales & Maintenance

Increase your First Contact Resolution (FCR) and reduce internal costs.


Renew your contracts by solving new problems

Moving Companies

Avoir to move a commercial agent if not worthy.

Svg Vector Icons :

Emergency & Crisis management

Reduce the crisis duration reporting real time visual informations to decision makers


Make medical video calls on any kind of device


Identify the nature and severity of the situation, and mobilize the right ressources.

The Urgentime video call

Notre plateforme d’assistance à distance permet à vos collaborateurs de démarrer un appel vidéo avec vos clients, sans qu’ils n’aient à télécharger d’application mobile. C’est notre première valeur ajoutée.

Même sans connexion internet, la discussion continuera : le son ne coupera pas. Cela permet de passer des appels vidéos là où il y avait un risque avant. C’est notre deuxième valeur ajoutée.

How does it work?

One sms, one video call

  • Open the sms
  • Click on the web link
  • Video call connection
  • Starting the video call


Turnkey SaaS platform
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Sending and editing photos
Nonintrusive and encrypted solution
Video recording
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No mobile application to download
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White label product
Possible integration with your software
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GDPR compliant
Intuitive and simple

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